Sippable Sauvignon Blanc for Summertime

First of all, I don’t think there’s any appreciable difference between wines that come in bottles and wines that come in alternative containers.

The biggest issues in choosing alternatives to glass really boils down to the quality of the juice inside. If it’s good to start with, it’ll be good coming from a keg with a spigot, a cork-finished bottle, cork-like alternatives and bag-in-a-box contraptions.

Indulge Wines released its first wines this year in another, new enclosure called the astrapouch. It’s a squat 1.5-liter bag, complete with a convenient handle, that sits upright on a semi-rigid base. There’s a simple spigot for one-press pouring.

I think they’ve got a winner with the 2009 sauvignon blanc ($20 for the equivalent of two fifths of wine). The grapes are from the North Coast appellation, which covers parts of Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

The wine’s flavor profile is classic California sauvignon blanc. There’s a nice layer of sweet/tart grapefruit over some rounder cantaloupe highlights. It’s a tasty mix, not too sharp, not too sweet. Nuances of flower petal emerge on the nose as the wine warms up a bit in the glass.

It worked well with a plate of cold, grilled chicken, a sweet baguette and a side of white beans. I’d also enjoy a glass on a warm afternoon, anywhere.

According to Indulge, their container has multiple eco-friendly advantages over glass containers, including much lower weight, faster chill time and extended shelf life. Once opened, the wine is supposed to remain fresh for up to a month in the refrigerator.

The astrapouch container¬† — which is also used with pre-mixed cocktails and other alcoholic beverages — easily fits into a cooler for road trips, picnics and mobile parties. And, it’s waterproof, too, so the container isn’t susceptible to soggy box-syndrome like the bag-in-a-box systems.

Indulge also offers a Central Coast pinot noir and has plans to release additional varietals in astrapouch bags made from purchased fruit.

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